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"Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value."
-Philip Kotler

Who We Are

Serving in India as a Digital Marketing company, Digipact Media looks forward to providing a complete digital impact on your business by brand strategy, creativity, and innovation. Further, with fast growth, we are leading in the sector of internet marketing. Our dedication to finding effective and complete solutions for our valuable customers allow us to stand alone in the crowd. Besides, we share our elite expertise in technology under the guidance of Google.

Not just being a sales business, Digipact Media is the passion and enthusiasm of our team. Thus, our team acquires a grip on marketing research, branding, and online advertisement. As our belief in what famous marketers says, we work for trust, reliability, commitment, integrity, and our core values. Moreover, this is how we convert your business into the brands for our clients.


Our Chief Thinker

Mukesh Joriwal

The founder and CEO of Digipact Media, Mr. Mukesh Joriwal, is an experienced Digital Marketer. He is an young entrepreneur who has brought with him innovative ideas to perform digital marketing services. As of the qualification, he is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Communication Branch. He has worked with many companies and as a freelancer too. With the experience of working on several projects of multiple domains, he has designed a professional process for all the online marketing services. Along with managing the company, he is an SEO Expert who brings relentless drive for innovation and a passion for Digital Marketing.

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We Deal In

Digipact Media let its customers get One Stop All Solution digital marketing services within it. With good knowledge of fundamentals of marketing and research, branding and strategy, we are expert in different areas of online marketing. Furthermore, with the specialization in analytics and insights, we deal in featured fields:

Why Us

Good knowledge brings good results and every business is different from each other. So, knowing about the business with a deep analysis is the foremost step for us. Thus, we can easily provide a range of digital marketing solutions that suit the client's various needs. In addition, having faith in creating worthwhile relationships with the clients is the value factor that let us shine. Due to working with extraordinary creativity and innovation as well as securing the company's values with great vision and mission, our customers get best from us. Furthermore, we pledge to obey the values that let us remain unique.

Our Values:

  1. A Complete Digital Impact: Commitment to providing a complete digital impact and converting businesses into brands, we offer most of the services at one stop.
  2. Transparency is the new green: Being transparent is one of the core values for us. Therefore, we remain open and clear with our clients & partners and share all the relevant information.
  3. Customer Empowerment Program: Empowering customers and providing the knowledge for their benefit is unique characteristics of Digipact Media. That's why we share all the relevant information that helps them to make the best decision.
  4. We are Doctor before being Marketer:  Implementing clinical knowledge to understand the business of the clients with their needs is our first priority. That allows us to analyze the complexity and serve with suitable solutions.

Our Logo

Large Triangle: Basically it shows “D” of Digipact which stands for Digitalization. As we offer a digital effect to the client’s business with our top marketing skills.

Small Triangle: Responding as “P”, it shows the Impact on digitalization with advance and updated technology. Thus, living in a new era of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing, we provide effective results.

The Gap between Small and Large Triangle: Online marketing is all about growth and increment. And the gap is the symbol of Growth Arrow because let our customers grow is the main motto for us.

Blue Color: Blue is not just a color but a representation of loyalty, integrity, trust, and responsibility. Since the business of the clients is our responsibility and we fulfill it with loyalty, integrity, and trust.