10 blogging tactics for businesses to generate more leads

blogging techniques for businesses to generate more leads

Blogging is a great tactic to improve your digital marketing game. It has completely revamped the process of communication between businesses and their customers. It is in fact, a great strategy to increase the rates of positive ROI. 

Blogging can enable you to take charge as an expert strategist in digital marketing. To do it right you must follow certain tactics. Listed below are 10 such blogging tactics which you must employ to improve your rate of lead generation.

1.  Address the pain point of visitors 

To leverage optimum benefits from your blog, you must first know who your audience is, what their preferences are and what they are suffering from. In order to learn about the pain points of your visitors, you can research and find out what the readers of similar blogs are discussing or complaining about. By doing so, you will be able to address those pain points in your blog and solve their issues by creating actionable content. Your readers will be grateful to you for this and as a result increase your traffic by liking, sharing and subscribing.

2. Answer general queries of your customers

To transform your blog into a source of traffic generation, you must answer general queries of your customers in your blog. You can make a list of the queries that are most common among your customers and use your blog to answer them with proper details. This is different from a conventional FAQ page because through your blog you can provide more in-depth solutions to your customers. Not only does it allow you to provide value to your customers and strengthen your network but also works in favour of Google’s algorithm and improves visibility.

3. Share your important case studies

Sharing the results of important case studies in your blog can be an asset for your business. By publishing your results and observations, you give your customers real-life examples and reasons to trust your brand. You can debunk myths and misinformation, justify your business actions and build credibility for your business. When your target audience and potential customers come across your blog, they will get an idea about the ways in which you meet your customers’ demands. Moreover, if you share your success story and include real numbers it will attract your potential customers and increase your conversions.

4. Share the knowledge about your product/services

Your blog can be a great knowledge source for your consumers who are curious to know about the services and products you offer. In order to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you must write blogs that resonate with the market you are functioning in. You can share your knowledge about the marketing skills you possess and how your products and services are the ideal picks for your customers. In this way, you can build trust and reliability of your customers and demonstrate your expertise in that particular field.

 5. Rise the interest and desire with blogs

To get your target audience to read your blogs and to maintain that consistency, you need to develop particular strategies and stick to them. For instance, if you follow an informal style of writing while writing your blogs you tend to attract more readers. By keeping the promotional pitch low and focusing more on personality, you can keep your audience hooked to your blogs. In this way, you’ll receive amazing responses and witness a surge in your sales because the human face of your business will easily attract your audience.

6. Focus on the readability of your blog

To convert your blog into a lead magnet, you must emphasize writing for readability. If you choke your blog randomly with chunks of unmanageable content, your blog will fail to meet its purpose of generating leads. To avoid that, you must always plan your blog, organize your points and break down the details under appropriate headings, subheadings, bullets and numbering. If you pay attention to writing your blogs in such a manner that is easy to follow, it will, in turn, become easy for you to deliver value to your target audience. In this way, you can attract more leads.

7. Offer content upgrade as a supplement

A content upgrade is a valuable tool in marketing. It is the bonus content offered to visitors of your blog that is actionable and benefiting. Your visitors can get access to this in exchange for their email addresses. It basically gives a more detailed account of the content or complements the content they read on your blog. Always remember that your end goal is to get customers and not mere readers. Therefore, in order to generate leads through your blog, you must always remember to add the bonus content. This will encourage your reader to turn the knowledge you offered into actions.

8. Treat every blog post as a new opportunity

Remind yourself to invest a considerable amount of time in every single blog post. Every blog post opens up new opportunities for your business to attract, impress and convert potential leads. You cannot afford to overlook this aspect while blogging because each piece of content is a reflection of your brand. You must remember to craft every blog post like you craft your home page to attract your visitors and drive the best results.

9. Replace annoying pop-ups with the ‘Hello Bar’

The ‘Hello Bar’ is the floating or the notification bar that appears at the top of your blog site. It is a powerful tool for lead generation through blogs. It is a great alternative to the pop-up feature because it is less obtrusive. It follows a mechanism that includes CTA and increases your traffic through landing pages. If visitors do not click on it immediately, the option keeps appearing and it follows till they scroll to the end of your blog.

10. Promote your blog

Last but not the least, do not forget to promote your blog. Apart from feeding your blog site with all the relevant details and useful information, you must mandatorily promote it whenever possible. Since the end goal is not readers but customers, you cannot neglect this step while blogging. By actively promoting your blog, you can create alerts about your written content. This is the only way to consistently remind your customers that your blog exists and also your medium to enter new markets.


Remember these tactics while working on your next blog post and do not forget to share your thoughts on this post in the comments section below.

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