10 Digital Marketing Steps B2B Businesses Must Take

B2B marketing - digital marketing steps must take

A B2B business or Business to Business involves commercial transactions conducted between companies. With the trend of digitization, it has become a lot easier for B2B businesses to push their growth prospects. But, it requires creative planning and strategizing to achieve the desired results.

Listed below are 10 Digital Marketing Steps B2B businesses must take to meet the demands of the digital age:

  1. Conduct marketplace research and target demographics
  2. Build a credible and engaging website
  3. Use SEO keywords
  4. Divide your PPC ads section-wise
  5. Make Social Media a part of your business
  6. Conduct customer research and survey your audience
  7. Focus on video content for advertisements
  8. Create an engaging blog
  9. Make use of professional networks like LinkedIn
  10. Invest in referral marketing


  • Conduct marketplace research and target demographics

The first step should always be targeting demographics via detailed research. You must get a clear picture of the market as well as your target audience. This helps to identify your buyers’ interests, their buying habits, the ways they want to communicate, etc. It also ensures you are on the right track by designing the products they need and sending the right marketing messages. You can also conduct surveys to receive feedback from your audience. This will give you an insight on which you can base your growth strategies. One great way to track your content consumption and reach is by using Google Analytics. In this way, you can easily target potential clients and thrive in the market.

  • Build a credible and engaging website

An attractive and informative website is your key to successful B2B marketing in the ever-evolving digital market. It helps to create a strong online reputation for your business. Through your business website, you can display your areas of specialization and expertise as well as assure quality and provide quick solutions to clients. At least 8 out of 10 people interact with businesses through their websites and for that reason, the online presence makes a lot of difference. It is also necessary to make your website mobile responsive and include call-to-action buttons. Apart from that, constant website optimization to keep up with the constantly evolving market is crucial. It helps to generate leads and drives engagement.

  • Use SEO keywords

An effective SEO website can go a long way in your business. Besides making your website credible and attractive, it is also necessary to use meaningful SEO keywords. This will increase your website’s visibility and enable your audience to find your site. SEO is a complex tactic in digital marketing and to get the best results there should be equal focus on both on-site and off-site SEO. Digital marketing companies like Digipact Media are experts in this domain. SEO is, in fact, a powerful tool that increases your chances of getting featured.

  • Divide your PPC ads section-wise

As a B2B business, you may consider using Pay-Per-Click ads as it is a good tactic to boost sales and promote growth. In fact, these ads can create brand awareness, drive leads, and increase conversions. It is a great strategy to attract relevant clients to your business. 

But it is important to separate these ads into different categories based on their features, details of their service, etc. These sub-categories further help you make your ads more target-specific. By doing so, you can create ad campaigns with effective keywords and landing pages that drive high-quality leads.

  • Make Social Media a part of your business

If you are a B2B business owner, you cannot overlook the role of Social Media in your business. More than the conventional referrals and recommendation, buyers tend to check out businesses on social media because of its ease of access. Facebook and Instagram can be the two platforms you must necessarily focus on. Always remember to keep these profiles updated with relevant information about your products and services. Also, remind yourself to cross-promote your content and always link back the content posted on social media to your website. This will secure you good rankings for your website. Moreover, make your posts visually appealing with photos and testimonials. Above all, target ‘engagement’ by connecting and responding to your audience.

  • Conduct customer research and survey your audience

B2B businesses are known to be driven by data. Since these businesses are selling to the business owners and the book-keepers of numbers, they need data-driven results to make investments. Therefore, customer reviews and feedback from your audience can be highly beneficial to boost your B2B digital marketing. You can improve your strategy by using the collected data as leverage. This will help you gather data about preferences, current trends, age-targeted preferences, etc. Always remember to respond to these reviews including the negative feedback from clients. This is a great way to say that you focus on the customer experience.   

  • Focus on video content for advertisements

Buyers generally claim to seek brief and engaging content. By focusing on creating video content that is easy to view and share, your business can attract a lot of buyers. For instance, like the click baits that instantly move you to take a certain action, similarly, engaging visuals can have a massive impact on your audience. If you are a B2B business owner, you can try creating explainer videos that display your mission and expertise in a creative manner. These videos can be the key to success for your business as ads in the video format are seeing a surge in their click-through rates.

  • Create an engaging blog

Creating and maintaining a blog for your B2B business can be another tactic to boost your sales. It is a great way to engage and communicate with your target audience. Besides, companies that use a blog have more visitors to their website and this helps to convert leads into actual customers. You can thus, double your data simply by blogging as it gives you more indexed pages on Google. In this way, you can organically improve your website’s ranking on the SERP and enjoy positive returns on investment.

  • Make use of professional networks like LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most recommended and largest professional network for companies in the B2B market. B2B’s content marketing specialists are always in favor of this platform and it can be a great channel to connect with professionals. LinkedIn can also prove to be highly effective in driving traffic to your site as well as generating sales. Since a large number of LinkedIn users are people who are a part or leaders of organizations, it can be used for content marketing.

  • Invest in referral marketing

With the current trend of digitization, B2B businesses are getting referrals not only from clients but also from online users. It is mostly because of a strong online reputation. You can make a massive impact on companies in the B2B market through your social proof. Through a strong online reputation, you can drive high-quality businesses to partner with you which will lead to new business. Your content marketing strategy can be a strong advocate to build credibility for your business. If done well, it will lead to brand recognition and client referrals. Apart from this, you can give referral perks, promos, and the like to your current customers which will strengthen your connections.


Apart from the given points, you can tell us what you think about the same in the comments section below.

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