10 Secret Tips For Using Social Media For Small Businesses

social-media-marketing for small businesses

Using social media for business is an important marketing strategy. It is effective for small businesses to create brand awareness. By interacting with users on social media, these businesses can build a strong customer base. It is also a great way to connect and engage with current customers. 

Here are 10 secret tips you should keep in mind to get the best results while marketing your business on social media:

  1. Conduct market research and know your audience
  2. Pick the best platform and maintain consistency
  3. Focus on creating audience centric engagement strategies
  4. Set your brand voice and tone
  5. Set specific goals and maintain a posting schedule
  6. Keep a tab on who you are following
  7. Try not to get extremely self-promotional
  8. Include audio-visual content
  9. Form social media groups
  10. Be adaptive to the changing trends


  • Conduct market research and know your audience

To derive effective results out of your social media marketing, you need to first know your niche as well as your audience. This information is highly crucial because it will give you a proper understanding of the market and the kind of consumers you will be dealing with. By doing so, you can get sound knowledge of your audience’s demands as well as their pain points. Thus, you can plan your marketing strategies accordingly and take decisions in their favour. Moreover, you can also come to an understanding about your rivals in the same market and build relevant strategies to convert their audiences into yours.

  • Pick the best platform and maintain consistency

Different audiences prefer different platforms. In other words, every social media platform does not serve the same purpose for every business. Since your business is different from the rest, it is necessary to choose the best one or two platforms that attract/s your target audience. By referring to your research results, you can easily identify the platform/s that your target audience prefers and actively uses. Once you have identified your buyer personas and their preferences, you can pick the favourable platform/s to market your brand.

  • Focus on creating audience centric engagement strategies

Social media marketing works best when you keep your audience engaged. If you fail to do so, your social media marketing strategy will fail to create brand awareness. To improve your social media presence, you can organize different campaigns or run contests. This will lead to maximum audience engagement and also increase your website traffic. Moreover, keeping your audience engaged will help strengthen your customer base and widen your reach.

  • Set your brand voice and tone

Your social media channels are the best platforms to tell your brand’s story. Your audience is always looking for special offers, news deals and products. You can leverage social media to perform this particular function and demonstrate what your business represents. By honing your brand’s voice and setting a tone, you can build customer trust, form new connections and also communicate your goals and missions effectively. In turn, this will improve user engagement.

  • Set specific goals and maintain a posting schedule

By setting attainable social media marketing goals, you can accomplish multiple targets with ease. However, you should set clear-cut goals which are possible to reach within the desired time frame. They should be well-defined and backed with proper planning. Posting randomly on social media does not qualify as a strong social media marketing strategy. You need to plan and maintain consistency in your posting routine. This will heighten your audience’s interest in your brand.

  • Keep a tab on who you are following

While the social media marketing world is largely data-driven, it is also important to remember that not all numbers serve the same purpose. Though numbers are of great value, not all of them are important for your business. While you focus on increasing the number of your followers by following users, it is essential to consider several metrics. By keeping a tab on the number of active users who actually engage with your posts, the rate of traffic generation and lead conversions, you can filter and invest in the right places to boost your engagement score. Fake followers can also harm your brand reputation severely.

  • Try not to get extremely self-promotional

It is highly essential to maintain a balance between promotional posts and posts that drive a sort of emotional connect. This is, in fact, a great strategy to generate leads and improve your conversion rates. It works better than advertising because your audience gets to see a more human side of your brand. If you can demonstrate personality through your promotions, it can be an added benefit to your marketing attempts in gaining customers.

  • Include audio-visual content 

It is definitely a no-brainer that audio-visual content attracts more users than text only posts ever will! The best tactic is to create posts that are a mix of both. Audio-visual content is great vehicles to improve your reach because users are more likely to engage with them and share them. Apart from attracting your audience, it also acts as a great tool to move users to action and increase the view time.

  • Form social media groups

If you are a social media marketer, you cannot overlook the importance of segmenting your audience based on groups. This is a brilliant strategy to sell your product effectively to your target audience while building their trust and increasing your traffic. It is, in fact, a great platform to hold one-on-one discussions with your audience and learn about their preferences, likes and dislikes. Moreover, you can win their loyalty towards your brand by solving their issues on an individual basis.

  • Be adaptive to the changing trends

If you are a newbie in the social media marketing world, remember to not force outcomes. It is not at all bad to start small but what is important is a focused attitude and the ability to accommodate the ever-evolving market trends. By familiarizing yourself with the platform and maintaining flexibility in your approach, you can always stay a step ahead of your market competitors. Thus, by keeping pace with the latest trends, you can expect increased user engagement as well as rapid growth.


So, if you are a small business owner, always remember to prioritize social media besides all other traditional methods. It can become one of the most valuable tools to facilitate growth for your business.

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