Alternative of Google Ads if you have a low budget in comparison to your competitor (Q/A)


Q. To generate leads, if my competitor is spending more amount on Google Ads than my budget then what should I do?

A. Nowadays everyone is turning their business to digital marketing and online paid advertisement. It is obvious that everyone can’t get the opportunity to generate quality leads because many businesses are spending a huge amount that is too high in comparison to your budget. But no need to be worried, because there are several alternative options that can help you generate quality leads for your business.

  • Display Ads with RemarketingDisplay Ads are one of the alternative ways of Search Ads offered by Google. Display Ads are banner ads placed on Google partner network (websites that are affiliated with Google Adsense to generate revenue). To generate quality leads from Display Ads, you can target your audience with remarketing. Remarketing is a targeting method of the audience who has interacted with your business through a website or app or videos.
  • Facebook & Instagram AdsFacebook (/Instagram) Ads is the best alternative to Google Ads. With vast targeting options, Facebook gives you a low budget ad run opportunity. With Facebook, you can generate leads targeting in several methods i.e. custom audience and lookalike audience. Custom Audience refers to the broad audience targeted based on demographics, location, behavior, and interest according to your potential audience. On the other end, Lookalike Audience is a remarketing method of Facebook to narrow down the audience with high targeting options. Our experts recommend this.
  • Other Social Media AdsAlong with Facebook and Instagram, there are other social media platforms that offer you lead generation opportunities such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and so on. It depends on which social media platform is suitable for you, upon the potential audience according to your industry.

Q. Is Facebook really helpful to generate leads?

A. Without a doubt Yes. Facebook (/Instagram) is a Demand Generation Platform and for most of the B2C industry business, these are a great tool to promote the business. The reason is simple because it is containing users of 18 to 59 age range with a list of behavior and interest. With such a vast audience the targeting options on Facebook are impressive. With Facebook, you can set up goals according to your requirements among reach, traffic, lead generation, conversion, etc. That helps you to interact with your potential audience in better ways.

Q. What are the methods of targeting the right audience to generate leads on Facebook?

A. There are several targeting features that Facebook offers included in two audience targeting categories: Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience. Here are the targeting options:

  • Location: Location targeting offers you a powerful method of reaching users of a particular area where you want to grow your business (generate leads). Facebook allows you to target the relevant geographic location where you want to run your ads. It gives you the option to set targeting according to Country, Region, City, Postal Code, and Business Address.
  • Age: You can target the appropriate age group variable from 18 to 65+ according to your niche audience.
  • Behavior and Interest: It is one of the best methods to define your audience and narrow down it for effective results. There is a list of behaviors and interests that are defined by Facebook based on the user database. You have options to include or exclude users by defining their Behaviour & Interest.
  • Remarketing: Again, one of the best methods of targeting users specifically. To target through remarketing, you need to define the Lookalike audience on the basis of your website or App visitors or video views.


Q. How can I target my offline data on Facebook?

A. With Facebook, it is really a great opportunity to target an audience whom you are aware of and people who are similar to them. In short, we can say, to target offline data on the online platform. So, to target offline data you need to create a lookalike audience with Customer List where you put all your offline data of customers. Now use this audience to run ads.

Q. Is there any other method to generate leads alternative to Google Search Ads or Facebook Ads?

A. As discussed above, there are other options that are Google Display Ads with remarketing, and other social accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest based on the niche audience according to particular industries. Along with these, nowadays video marketing is a new trend of marketing so YouTube again is an option to target customers and generate leads at a small budget.

YouTube Ads/Video Ads: There are several types of video ads such as TrueView Ads, Video Discovery Ads, In-Stream Ads, Preroll Ads, Bumpers Ads.

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