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What are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic?


People do write blogs to share their experience, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. But writing blogs is not just enough. You need to be sure that users/visitors are coming to your website or blog and reading your content. Unless your writing is not worth it.

So what you should do?

Well, this is a common question that every blogger has because who does not want to get famous or liked by more and more people.

So we have a solution for you. Here are simple hacks of digital marketing and some tips and tricks of Search Engine Optimization to generate the traffic on the blog will definitely help you that you can do yourself.


7 ways to generate traffic on the blog

  • Blog Niche

Blog niche is the most important metric that you must focus on. Before starting any blog you need to make sure that who are you targeting and where you can find your potential audience.

Your potential audience is everything to you.

So how will you find your blog niche?

Here we start to find who your niche is. Before selecting a topic, first, do the market analysis and check out the completion over the topic. As of the next stop, in starting targeting a small audience is always beneficial and easy to generate traffic.

For example, you are starting a blog on Healthcare and the topic that you are focusing on is skin care. For this, there are a large number of searches as shown in the image.



Now to target a small audience you can go through the related terms. Now, select the target keyword with low completion and high search volume to run your blog.


  • Hot topics and relevancy

Once you have started writing blog your next target is to find good and relevant topics to write according to your niche. This is a hack for generating traffic on your blogs. Because every user/visitor likes to read what they want to know and relevancy make them choose the post to read.

Along with it, hot topics let you grow and generate traffic faster because the competition over those topics is comparatively low.

But where can you get hot topics?

Here are some tools like Buzzsumo can help you to find you the top shared topics. Also with the help of many discussion platforms or question answer sites, you can get to know about the important topics and questions. As well as these websites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog site.

As shown below in Image, this is how you can find hot topics for your audience from Buzzsumo.


  • Quality Content

Quality of content is a very important metric to attract visitors on your blog. Form the writing skills to the structure of the blog-post impact over the users. Not only according to the user interference but also Google algorithms rank your site on the basis of content. Unique and interactive content always wins the heart of the search engine.

How do you optimize your content?

Well, if we work according to both user and Googlebot, then the content should be important, unique and long so that it can engage a visitor for a long time. Also, it should be well structured as shown in the below image. Headings, caption, images, links, keywords, etc. everything plays an important role in the quality of your work.


  • Quora Marketing

Quora is the biggest question-answer platform in the world.

For blogging and marketing of your blog, Quora is the best platform that engages people to your blog. You can share your ideas or knowledge here and invite visitors to read your other blog topics. You can answer the queries of people with the link of your website and bring them to your website.


Here it is not the end of benefits with Quora. Along with sharing the skills and answers, you can find new and hot topics or relevant topics to write on for your blog. Thus, like Buzsumo you can get the trending, popular and important topics. It makes easy for you to research and marketing of the new topics.

  • Social Media

Everyone is familiar with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and so on.

These channels allow you to connect with any type of community that you belong with. Also, you can target your niche with social networks and share your content and posts.


For Facebook, pages and groups are the best way to tell the audience about your work.

With Reddit, you can connect with different communities and share your work in those communities.

You can reach out to the audience with Twitter and LinkedIn by hashtags and followers list.

Similarly, there are many other social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr,, medium, etc help you to reach the niche of your writing. As well as, sharing on social media provides strength and authority to the blog post and make it popular. Buzzsumo ranks the top articles on the basis of their sharing.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the powerful tools of lead generation and driving traffic to your website.

Although, the click-through rate of email marketing is quite low, but if you have a list of email address of your potential customer you can generate higher traffic to your blog-site.

How to drive visitors with email marketing?

There is a myth that people generally do not open marketing mails. But it is wrong if you are sending mails to the potential users. Also, effective and attractive headlines and the subject of mail increases the open through rate of the mails. And, well-structured emails let people click to the links.


Where can you find an email list of potential visitors?

Buying the list of email addresses is the totally wrong method of getting niche email Ids. The best way of building an email list is by asking visitors for subscriptions to the newsletter or asking for email Id in exchange of freebie on your blog.

  • Competitor Analysis

In Digital Marketing, competitor analysis is the foremost step. It helps you to grow more and overtake from your competitor. If your competitor is winning the heart of its niche then it is a great opportunity to reach the level of your competitors.

You can check what strategies your competitor is using and you can also go through those techniques to drive more traffic. As well as, you can analysis on what trend it is working on so that you can also work on the same trend or more effective trend to capture the attention of your niche.

Along with it, you can get the blog ideas and the content structure, so that you can manage your writing accordingly. Moreover, it is a great way of making your blog popular in the industry.

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