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Email Marketing is a convenient, personal and instant strategy in Digital Marketing. With email marketing, you can promote your business and offer your deals to new leads or visitors. Along with that, it is an effective way of interaction with existing customers and keeping them informed about new deals and offers. Marketing with emails can generate higher conversion rate if it is done properly with prospective leads rather than bulk mailing. Again, it is an easy and affordable method of online advertisement where you can target customized audiences globally or locally to promote your business.

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Well-acquainted with several marketing tactics, Digipact Media is known to be one of the top Email Marketing companies in India. From generating customer data through multiple platforms and subscription forms to other services like email writing, campaign creation, template design, etc., we cover every aspect of Email Marketing. As email campaigns are one of the best methods to grow your business, being an expert, we make a target to achieve maximum benefits from the service for your rapid growth. Our marketing team has expertise in writing quality content that is structured according to the marketing funnel. Thus, the chances of conversion of the leads increase. Further, with genuine pricing, we provide inexpensive email marketing services and powerful customer support for higher benefits.

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Our Process for Email Marketing Services

Collecting Leads

We collect genuine data for email marketing from multiple platforms, contact forms and subscription forms to run campaigns with absolute results.

Strategy Building

Once we collect the data, we filter them and plan strategies to target that data with effective campaigns focusing on your requirements for best outcomes.

Campaign Creation

According to the strategies and your requirements, we design emails, create multiple campaigns and run them to successfully target customers.

Analysis & Report

We analyze what we do. And, with analysis and tracking of the status of the sent mail, we provide the complete real-time measurement report to you.

Genuine Leads, Attractive Emails and Successful Campaigns!

Increase your sales by targeting potential customers with email marketing company, Digipact Media.

Genuine Data

Email marketing is about selling to people who are interested in your business rather than selling to the public in general. Therefore, we collect genuine data of potential audience via multiple methods and target them.

Engaging Template Design

Visuals work better than words and therefore we design engaging templates for mails and add all the required information to that template with attractive designs. Our graphic design team is well-trained to carry out these tasks.

Effective Email Writing

Effective writing is very important because it should be easy to read and understand. Our content writers are experienced in this and we provide email content that focuses on marketing funnel for better conversion.

Personal Project Partner

We are dedicated towards serving and offering you the best experience. We provide a personal project head who works as a project partner to assist and report you on every single step we take while working on your project.

Complete Satisfaction

Beyond marketing practices, at Digipact Media, we also ensure that you derive complete satisfaction by availing our services. Our customer support is always available to offer you the best experience in the marketing industry.

Expert Consultancy

Email marketing is a direct marketing model where we add information about a product or service for an audience and persuade them to purchase it. Approaching marketing experts in this regard is always beneficial and that is exactly what we are!

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Email Marketing FAQs

Email Marketing targets prospective leads which helps in increasing the chances of their conversion. As well as, it connects you with existing customers to persuade them to buy products or services from you.

NO, buying an email list is not a good practice and the data is not a potential lead to increase your sales. Even if some of them become customers yet the ROI will be negative or low.  Rather than buying an email list, creating a list of potential customers is more beneficial.

From sending once in a month to 4 times in a month is the best practice. Beyond that, it can create nuisance. If you are sending an offer to a customer, send it maximum 3 times and not more than that.

We have in-house content writing experts, who are well experienced in writing content by focusing on the marketing model. These writers are going to write emails for you.

Yes, we believe in delivering the best to our customers and their input is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we verify every single mail with you before sending it to customers.

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