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For your business to thrive in current times, basic modes of reference and advertisement such as logos, visiting cards, company profile, print media ads, social media posts, brochures or flyers, marketing materials, etc. play a significant role. They add a sense of recognition and facilitate easy promotion of your business. Thus, eye-catching graphic designs add majorly to your branding process. With polished graphic designs, you can increase brand values of your business through attractive logos, stylish product packaging, attractive posters/banners, business stationeries, etc.

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Digipact Media is a leading digital marketing company in India that provides excellent services in graphic design. With creative and innovative ideas, we deliver services of supreme quality in the industry. Our faith in our core values makes us an expert in this field and hence, not only do we create designs  but also chalk out unique ideas with amazing visual effects. We have exactly what it takes to push your business forward and therefore our designs are greatly innovative with novel ideas that suit the marketing trends. Moreover, all these creations are easy to understand as well as engaging in a way that makes a good impact., Furthermore, we focus on the content strategy and fulfill our clients’ requirements by offering the most advanced services in graphics design in India.

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Our Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo is not a mere mixing of shapes and colours, but a solid representation of your business that conveys a message embedded with its visual design. With Digipact Media, you can now put your message across most effectively by availing the incredible services that we offer in logo designing.

Stationery Design

Stationery Design

We fulfill all your business requirements in terms of branding. Our team of experts designs all types of business stationery such as Letterheads, Visiting Cards, Company Profiles, ID cards, envelopes, etc.

Advertisement Design

Advertisement Design

We handle your offline advertisements as much as we take care of your online marketing needs. Thus, we create all kinds of advertising designs like print media ads or magazine ads with the best creative and attractive ideas to make your advertisements more engaging.

Flyer/Brochure Design

Flyer/Brochure Design

We serve you with every essential component of marketing and promotion. Since flyers and brochures are the most important tools to take your business forward, we design them for you with creative ideas to make them more interesting for the readers.

Social Media Post Design

Social Media Post Design

With our digital marketing skills, we serve our clients with the best Social Media Marketing strategies. We have experience and expertise in planning and creating social media posts that are engaging as well as helpful in better promotion of your business.

Poster/Banner Design

Poster/Banner Design

We design posters and banners in a way that they boost the promotions of your business, events or any other products and services. Our graphics design experts use incredibly innovative ideas to represent your information with detailed and attractive artwork.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

With an aim to provide complete solutions in graphic design as well as other designing services, we also provide suitable packaging designs for your products. With sound experience and expertise in this field, we deliver the best service that is relevant to your product theme and features.

Marketing Material

Marketing Material

In addition to promoting your business on a wide scale and building brand values, we offer designs for marketing materials such as T-shirts, Mugs, Pens, Diaries and many more. We make it easier for you to introduce your business as a brand to your customers.

Magazine Design

Magazine Design

As premium graphic design service providers, we design magazines- monthly or weekly newsletters for your organization or company with complete information and fetching artwork without compromising on quality.

Our Process of Graphic & Logo Design

Your requirements are of utmost importance to us because they are what we deliver to you as finished results. We listen to you and understand your needs closely and review them accordingly. We base our focus on the exact product and the type of design you seek.

Once we get a complete grasp of your requirements, we start conducting research on creative ideas accordingly for the artwork that needs to be designed. We pick some of the best ideas and use them to fulfill your demands.

On the basis of the research results, we use certain ideas and merge them with your ideas to come up with unique designs that suit you or your business values. We usually sketch a number of designs or layouts and share them with our clients.

Your input matters to us because we believe in serving our customers by granting them complete satisfaction. From the shared sketches, we select the ones that you choose and take your inputs on them to make the required changes before proceeding further towards finalization and delivery of the project.

After your inputs and changes in artwork accordingly, we finalize the design and deliver it to you in multiple file types on the basis of service you have takes. And, we complete this entire process on time as being on time is core value of Digipact Media.

Creative Ideas, On-Time Service and Design Expertise!

Get your professional artwork designed with benefits that offer you supreme quality experience with hassle-free services.

Creative Designs

For us, creativity and innovative ideas are a plus point in the industry of graphic and logo design. While focusing on fulfilling your requirements, we stick to being creative with our work in order to provide effective and the best designs to you.

Thoughtful Ideas

A lot of thought goes into every logo, business stationery, poster or brochure, print ad, marketing material, etc., that we design for you. We come up with thoughtful means to serve you with quality services and thus convey your message effectively.

On-Time Delivery

Delivering every project on time is one of the core values of Digipact Media and we stay committed to that. We are always punctual with our services and we follow our goal of making zero compromises with your experience while availing our services.

Complete Satisfaction

At Digipact Media, we strive to satisfy our customers to the fullest. We work hard and smart in every possible way to serve you with effective, attractive and engaging designs. We keep making continuous efforts to meet all your needs in graphic design.

Experienced Designers

Our artwork designers hold experience of multiple years in the industry of graphic designing. We have sound knowledge of fonts, shapes and psychology of colors. With our dedicated team of experts, we therefore provide the exact design that you have in mind.

Frequent Follow-Ups

Every project is important to us and we always ensure that we deliver our best. That is why, we follow up with our clients on ideas that we sketch, on a routine basis. We try to live up to the expectations of our clients while following our ethics of service offering.

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Graphic Design FAQs

After understanding your requirements, we come up with creative and innovative ideas. We take your inputs on those ideas and create a final design, followed by verifying it with you and delivering it.

The time taken varies for every designing service. Some processes take one day whereas some take more than a week. However, most of the services require 2 to 4 days of work to complete the entire project.

Logo designing is a popular service and the best outcome is always sought as it is all about the first look of your business or organisation. We usually take 3 to 7 days in completing a Logo Design project.

Our team has expertise in CorelDraw, Photoshop and Illustrator and all these softwares are always accessible to us.

We share multiple files which vary from service to service. In general, we provide raw files (CDR, PSD or AI), JPEG file, PDF file, etc. Besides, if any other file is required, we readily provide those files too.

For logo designing, we provide raw files (CDR or AI), JPEG files, PDF files and PNG files. However, based on your requirements, we can provide other files too.

Generally, we mail all the files but in case of large-sized files, we share them via Google Drive or OneDrive based on your convenience.

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