Is Digital Marketing Certificate worth it?


Knowledge is more important than certificates.

Yes, it is indeed correct to say that knowledge works more than the certificates. Although, the certification has its own importance. While starting your career in any stream, you will always get the priority if you have the intelligence proof or certified for the completion. Yes, there is a weightage but only skills help you to win the opportunity.

In Digital Marketing having a certificate describes that you have been through the particular course and either you have performed well or completed the course. Also, when you go through any training it helps you to learn. So having a Digital Marketing Course Certificate is worth it only if you have command in the field. Moreover, there are a number of courses and certifications available for one who wants to start his/her career in online marketing.

Learn Digital Marketing

There are a number of ways to pursue and learn internet marketing. As of popularity, you can find many institutes in your city. Also, you can do it online or learn through blogs because nowadays many influencers are providing learning blogs. Here are some options to learn online marketing.

  • Universities

Many Universities are focusing on Internet Marketing and providing the course in offline as well as online mode. If you are looking for an advanced and long term course then it is a good opportunity to learn from here.

  • Online Portals

Nowadays people are moving towards the web and you can complete many courses with online portals like Udemy. You need to buy the topics for once and start learning. For Internet Marketing, Daragh Walsh is one of the popular tutors on Udemy.

  • Influencer’s Blogs

Blogs are the best ways to get an answer to your queries. Also, they are good for learning purposes. As the craze of blogging is increasing, people are providing a tutorial on blogs. Blogs like Neil PatelBacklinko are highly helpful for learning and to know the tips and tricks.

  • Online Marketing Institutes

As mentioned above, you can easily find many institutes in your city as every day many training centers are introducing their batch. With training institutes, you can get good knowledge and self-practice opportunities that let you grow rapidly in the industry.

  • Digital Marketing Companies

Many agencies that are serving internet services also offer learning courses. Similar to the training centers there are similar benefits along with internship options. You can easily work with a digital marketing company with small skills in the field as an intern.

Digital Marketing Courses Certifications

Although there are many courses available in the stream, some of them are highly recommended for an online marketing expert. These certain numbers of certified courses are introduced by top operators like Google, Facebook, etc. Below mentioned courses are easy and free to pursue and important:

  1. Google’s Digital Garage Certificate
  2. Google Ads Certifications
  3. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  4. Facebook Blueprint Certification
  5. Twitter Flight School Certification
  6. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  7. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  8. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
  9. YouTube Video Marketing Certification

You can manually go through the above certification or get with the teaching centers with their help. Some of them are paid and others are free. Having these certificates are worth it. But also you should have a good grip on the topics. Along with these, some other certified programs are offered by different operators.

If you are aware of any good certification course or training institutes, you can mention them in the comments and we will update our content accordingly.

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