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Text and Voice Keywords - SEO Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is the first & foremost step in SEO. Because keywords are the factor that decides the organic traffic volume of a website from search engines. Mostly, visitors click on the website having top rank on particular keywords. So for more clicks and high traffic, it is necessary to choose the keywords with higher search volume. Hence, the website can get a good amount of leads. Nowadays keyword research is not limited to the text search queries. Voice search queries are increasing rapidly. Thus, it is necessary to choose keywords on which you can rank on both types of queries.

Rank for Both Text and Voice Searches - Digipact Media

Being an SEO Company in India and serving worldwide, Digipact Media is a dedicated agency for performing the first step of SEO in the best way. Our team is well educated and experienced to provide the best and high volume keywords. Along with that, the keywords that we choose for our client's website are valid for both Text type search and Voice type search (as voice searches are the new era of queries). Our experts focus on the landing pages & its content and find the appropriate terms for which we can rank and let our clients grow their business. Also, we follow each and every aspects of the professional process so that we can offer quality results to the customers. We approach to target the potential users with our process because that is what a search engine likes. Likewise, we, at Digipact Media, serve you with quality Keyword Research Services.

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Our Focus


The most important point of our focus is the number of Global & Local searches of the term in a month. High volume words always drive more numbers of lead. Thus, we target on choosing the search terms with a high number of searches.


Key-terms with high competition takes a long period to rank on the top positions in the SERP. Whereas low competition queries take a small time. Considering this, we choose a mixed set of words according to their competition.


Along with the Search Volume & Competition of the queries, we determine the ranking difficulty of key-terms. We give priority to the keywords with low difficulty so that we can rank fast on those terms & clients can also grow fast.


Although many of the marketers avoid CPC while selecting keywords. But as a professional, we also check the CPC of the keywords that we choose. Because CPC is also a potential factor while searching that even contributes to PPC services.

Benefits with Us


With our SEO Keyword Research Services, we deliver high volume terms that are suitable for both text type searching and voice type searching considering the future aspects of Search Engine Optimization process for your benefits.


Our team of SEO experts selects both tough and easy to rank keywords for the client's website that drives a large amount of traffic. Thus, you can grow your business fast by ranking the website on low difficulty terms easily.


With the reference of business growth as well as making money from website/blog, our quality process of key-term research provides highly relevant and traffic generating words that can even help you in Adsense process.

Our Keyword Research Tools

Delivering the best, being a leading digital marketing company, is our strength. And to make this better, there are some third parties, we take help from. Similarly, in Query terms finding service, we highly professional tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Semrush, KWfinder, Ubersuggest and many other.

Let us help you to find traffic driven keywords for you