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Search Engine Optimization mostly called SEO is a process of bringing a website on the top positions of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for a particular search query. With the motto of providing the best appropriate results to the user, Search Engines like Google and Bing show different types of results in the SERP. Among these, there is a result type that shows a business listing that is known as Local Listing. The process of promoting a business on these local listings is called Local SEO. Basically, it is a way of promoting local businesses and converting it into the brand.

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Digipact Media offers Local SEO Services to boost local businesses of India and worldwide. Starting with the first step of setting up a business profile, we offer an end to end solution. Not only do we target the listing on Google but also on Bing and Yahoo in order to set up the business profile on top-ranked citation sites and enable the best approach to the customers of our clients. We also target positive reviews and ratings of the users and make the rating valuable by increasing the local Guide reviews those that are affiliated to us. With our marketing strategies, we build high volume labels to list the business profile in the local search area. Moreover, our team shares the location to approach the localite or other potential customers and we put efforts to generate maximum possible leads for you.

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Our Process for Local SEO Services

As 80% of Internet users use Google as a Search Engine, we target Google for the company/store location with Google My Business. We create and optimize the profile according to the company/store and make it more visually engaging to users with attractive looks.

Why focusing only on 80% of users? We also submit the listing on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. to promote your local space. With experience & expertise, we create profiles on other accounts and optimize them to provide you all the benefits.

In the process of bringing the store/place to the topmost rank, we share the location on multiple sites and platforms. Likewise, we offer credibility to the listed place so that it can get a higher position in SERP and you can generate more leads for your local work.

Alongside sharing the location on different websites, we target high rated other local listing websites to reach the potential customers & natives. Hence, our clients can connect to their customers not only through Google but also through other sources.

Having a credible profile with good ratings and reviews attracts more visitors to choose your store. Also, search engines give a priority to trustful platforms in searches. Therefore, we offer quality ratings and reviews with our affiliated local guides.

Apart from the overall work process, we report each and every step to our customers and let them go through it. We analyze the work done weekly, create the action plan according to the analysis report, and follow the work accordingly. This is how we help you.

Local SEO Services Benefits

Superb Exposure

Our process of local SEO service, allows you to rank on the higher position of listings. As a result, it builds a valuable web presence for your store. This is how we target higher exposure for your business and enable promotion within your niche market.

Potential Clients

Digital Marketing is a successful method of reaching the potential audience for any business. Also, working in the local market with good online presence allows you to target your valuable customers. And, we work for you to target that audience.

Higher Conversion

Our dedicated experts design your profile effectively, that attracts more customers so that you get the benefit of higher conversion. Besides that, we add a professional touch to your profile with quality & real-time reviews so that more customers can contact you.

More Revenue

Being a fast-growing Local SEO agency in India, we do not only consider a higher position but also focus on the revenue. Therefore, we plan a progressive strategy & implement it. Hence, the visitors can easily reach/contact your company/place.

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