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Online Reputation Management helps you to build a powerful presence on the internet. It is another highly demanded digital marketing service, almost akin to SEO but not the same. ORM services create a positive impact on those who search for your organisation or brand online. Negative content about the company loses potential customers and affects the brand quality. Thus, ORM is all about removing the negative content and building a better presence on the web. It is an excellent substitute for the branding of a business.

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Digipact Media offers quality services in Online Reputation Management. We work to add spotlight to your business on the internet. We focus on building a positive impression on the user with our elaborately planned strategies. With our steady process and planning, we create a great bond of your company with the web. Furthermore, our team handles the reviews and queries of the customers connected to your business. We, as an online reputation management service provider, protect your brand values. In addition, we carefully go through all the issues and provide solutions to your customers on your behalf. Besides, we believe in operating with planning and strategy to achieve better results and provide you with the best online reputation management services in India.

ORM Services

Our Process for ORM Services


We start with analyzing the presence of your company on the internet and monitoring all the good and bad impressions and ratings of your business that are visible on the web.


After monitoring your web presence thoroughly, we address all the negative impressions and reviews and try to develop a positive atmosphere around your business on the Internet.


By paying great attention to every detail, we respond in a positive light to every single negative review and manipulate all the irrelevant and negative comments on the blogs or sites.


We regularly monitor your online presence and safeguard your online reputation by removing the negative content and building a positive impact with our services in ORM.

Brand Values, Positive Presence and Online Reputation!

Make a positive presence on the internet about your business and increase brand values with ORM services.

Improve Reputation

Choose us and get benefitted by availing the best ORM services in India. We improve the existing status of your business on the web and polish the reputation of your company so that online visitors can trust you with your presence.

Increase Brand Values

Our team focuses on converting your business into a brand and increasing the brand values. We refine the online presence of your business so as to create a positive impact and give it a profitable brand authority for more opportunities.

Build Trust

Building your customers’ trust is one of the most important aspects of attaining success in your business. Therefore, we create an effective internet appearance for your business and help you to build a sense of trust in your customer relations.

Dilute Negativity

We deal with every negative comment about your business and address them in a positive manner to dilute the negativity about your company. We ensure that your reviews are good enough and allegations on websites or blogs are suppressed.

Dedicated Branding Partner

Digipact Media is your branding partner and we consider every single project as our own business. That allows us to work with dedication for you. We allot a single point of contact to you who retains all the information about your project and its status.

Active Support & Reporting

We are readily available to serve not only you but also your customers on your behalf in terms of managing your online reputation and offering branding support. Additionally, we keep you updated with work status by preparing reports on a monthly basis for you.

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Online Reputation Management FAQs

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a process of diluting the negative comments of websites or blogs as well as improving the reputation and protecting a company from negative publicity on the internet

This is an era of the internet and your customers will be searching for you online. Before connecting with you physically, they will make an attempt to reach you through your online presence. So, it is highly necessary to build a positive reputation on the web.

It depends upon the intensity and nature of the negative content and also the level of addressal the content requires. Generally, online reviews take a few weeks while the removal of negative articles or posts takes a few months.

Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks for initial results to remove negative content and 3 to 10 months for complete removal, which is again based on the difficulty level.

Addressing all the negative or irrelevant online reviews on multiple reputed sites takes 1-3 weeks. We target almost all the popular listing sites which have the review or recommendation options.

Online reputation management is a marketing strategy and you can get it done with the help of any digital marketing agency or partner. Choosing an agency to start ORM is always a great option.

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