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Social Media Marketing is the ultimate strategy that is implemented to ensure a strong presence on the Internet. With social media, your business gets good brand visualization. Besides, it helps you to introduce your work to your potential audience and creates awareness about your brand. This field of digital marketing is one of the best approaches for brand awareness. Along with it, social media is effective in generating quality and organic leads for you. Moreover, Social Media Optimization is one of the key methods to increase the brand values of your business.

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Digipact Media is a social media advertising & marketing agency in India, assisting you with several digital marketing services. We support you with our exclusive services to enable you to set a milestone for your company. We help you with marketing over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We also provide SMO services in India and across the world on YouTube. We use a lot of creativity and put in great efforts into designing an attractive and informative profile for your social media account. Alongside that, our team focuses on making the content more engaging to the audience, because we understand that being socialized is as important as being informative is, in social media management. Besides, the process is the thumb rule for us and we serve you following the checklist to offer world-class services. With all of these, you get brand credibility for your business with a focus factor on driving reach and generating leads. Moreover, we are one of the leading SMO companies in India that serves you with beneficial social media management and complete support.


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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

• SMO Audit – In-depth Analysis

• Action Plan – According to Audit Report

• Building Post Strategy

• Posting Timeline and Calendar

• User Engagement Focus

• Analytics & Reporting

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

• Market Research and Analysis

• Goal Setup and Campaign Creation

• Ad Set Creation

• Ad Targeting and Setting

• Ad Design Following Guidelines

• Reporting (Weekly/Daily)

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Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Our process for Social Media Marketing

Grow your business with beneficial online presence and generate quality leads with our SMM Services.

Before creating an account, we identify the goal of the profile as per the requirements of our clients. This is because the SMM/SMO services without fixed goals cannot facilitate actual growth.

Another key aspect that we focus on is identifying the niche audience and working towards the specific wants of that target group. Thus, it opens the door for the right people to connect with your business and smoothen the path of your growth.

While working on the defined goals, we always emphasize on considering the important metrics of the insight. Besides, setting up these dimensions help in analysis of the report and effective operations.

We design the timeline in a comprehensible manner that delivers all the necessary information about your business. In addition to that, we ensure that the information is delivered in an inclusive pattern in order to attract more people and increase the conversion rate.

Our support allows clients to engage with their customers. With general updates and responses, we connect you with a genuine and interested audience and extend our services in a way that gives a pleasant experience.

To drive more traffic and generate leads through this marketing strategy, competitor analysis is required. Therefore, we extend our service with the competitors’ profile check and comparison for your benefit.

In order to maintain transparency, we share our reports with you. Thus, it enables you to gain an insight into the benefits that you are getting by availing our services.

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Brand Credibility, Inbound Traffic and Lead Generation!

Build brand credibility for your business through strong web presence with social media marketing and generate leads.

Strong Web Presence

Your social media accounts help you to convert your profile visitors into customers as well as generate new leads. Due to the increase in the number of internet users, nowadays visitors usually check your online presence before trying to reach you physically.

Improve Brand Awareness

With our SMM/SMO services your business gains brand credibility that helps in improving brand awareness of your organization in its niche area. In this manner, you tend to attain a higher growth rate as branding is evidently more effective than marketing.

Increase Inbound Traffic

We focus on generating organic traffic and increasing the reach with your social media accounts. This is because the greater the reach, the higher the number of opportunities that will come to you. Thus, you can gain more business via SMM/SMO.

Brand Reliability

Branding and brand reorganization are always effective approaches to stand out of the crowd comprising your competitors. Since visitors usually go for brands to fulfill their needs, we focus on that and work towards offering brand reliability to your business.

Customer Engagement

Social Media is about connecting with the potential audience and building up new connections. As algorithms are updating, a good customer engagement policy has become a matter of utmost necessity and therefore, we put our efforts in it for your growth.

Quality Lead Generation

Our team helps you to generate quality leads with organic and paid services. As we believe that the end goal of any organization is business and revenue, that is why lead generation with marketing services is the objective that we guarantee to fulfill for you.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social Media Marketing is an online marketing technique to promote any business, their product or services using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and many more.

Social Media platforms help you to digitize your business even if you do not have a website. With a strong online presence, you can generate leads and brand recognition in addition to catering to a diverse audience. Moreover, if you work with SEO services, it helps you to increase the rank on SERP.

It is difficult to single out one specific name as almost every channel is equally important nowadays. However, you can select any particular channel on the basis of the type of business you are dealing with. Also, it depends upon the type of audience and age group that holds potential for you. For instance, Facebook has users within the age range of 18-50 years, Instagram with 18-34 years of the age range while Twitter and LinkedIn mostly have users within the 20-45 years of age range.

It is generally recommended to create posts by making use of engaging videos and images with less than 20% text. You can also post live videos and interactive content such as polls and ‘Q and A’s since they work marvels in terms of engagement and adds a touch of authenticity to your social media account.

Posting a minimum of two posts per week is the best practice. But for a platform like Twitter, posting thrice a day is a better option to connect with the audience. Although it varies from platform to platform, posting twice a week is advantageous. The most important thing about posting is its consistency.

Social Media Advertising or Social Network Advertising is a technique of paid advertisement using social media platforms. It is part of Social Media Marketing with an aim to target potential users.

There are several campaign goals such as- Brand Awareness, Traffic Generation (website or profile), Engagement, Lead Generation, Conversion, etc.- that we can focus on social media channels. So according to your requirements, you can set up the goal.

There is no spending limit while talking about paid advertisements, but to reach a good number of customers you should start with a minimal amount. Further, it depends upon the type of goal you have in mind and the degree of effectiveness that you seek in the produced results.

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